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Real estate lawyer

In reality, a real estate sale and purchase transaction is the most hazardous transaction in Ukraine. As in such case, there is always possibility of loss of funds or property.

In some cases, there is a risk to deal with the professional gyp artists in real estate area. The specified persons, by using proper illegal schemes and introducing themselves as owners of somebody’s buildings, try to resell it to good faith buyers. Either they realize other criminal actions regarding disposal of apartment, a private house or business premises.

Due to it, it is recommended to involve individual experienced specialist such as a lawyer or real estate lawyer for such cases.

Services of real estate lawyers in our company:

Support of real estate sale and purchase transactions in new buildings:
  • advice of real estate lawyer;
  • due diligence of a new building;
  • verification of the developer’s company and building contractor;
  • legal analysis of documents for land where construction works are performed;
  • processing of construction investment contracts, an apartment or non-residential premises sale and purchase contracts;
  • legal support at signing contracts with the developer;
  • negotiations with construction company;
  • investors’ protection in a court;
  • legal assistance in a sale of real estate in new buildings by assignment of ownership.
Support of real estate sale and purchase transactions on a secondary real estate market:
  • advice on a real estate purchase (cottages, duplexes, townhouses, penthouses and so on);
  • advices on real estate sale;
  • due diligence of a seller or a buyer of a house;
  • review of all documents verified property ownership;
  • verification of the land where the house is located;
  • negotiations with the owner of house;
  • representation of interests of a buyer or a seller before judicial authorities.
Commercial property contracts (office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, industrial facilities and so on):
  • advice on ensuring the legal security of a contract;
  • due diligence of the company which is the owner of nonresidential premises;
  • review of a complete set of land documents;
  • designing the optimal legal structure of sale or purchase of nonresidential property;
  • preparation of a safe legal process of financial settlements;
  • provided tax implications (tax disputes lawyer prepares necessary documents);
  • presence of the real estate lawyer at notary (at contract signing).
Legal support for non-residents in real estate purchase in Ukraine:
  • advice to non-residents regarding property purchase in Ukraine;
  • advice on taxation of non-residents;
  • support of opening investment accounts in banks of Ukraine by non-residents;
  • preparation of necessary documents, real estate sale and purchase contracts or tenancy contracts;
  • support at signing real estate contracts by non-residents;
  • registration of ownership.
Legal support of removing the real estate seizure:
  • advices as to the procedure and the process of removing the property seizure;
  • legal analysis of the case;
  • preparation of necessary legal documents;
  • removing the seizure under the civil legal procedure;
  • release from attachment under the criminal legal procedure;
  • support at execution/registration of release real estate from attachment in the State Register of Proprietary Rights to Immovable Property.


A real estate lawyer in Kyiv – our privileges are:

1) Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners” has many years of successful experience, more than 20 years, – to do a legal support of real estate contracts in Kyiv city and Kyiv Region.

2) Hold seminars, conferences on issues of legal risks at the sale and purchase of housing or business real estate.

3) Guarantee the legal service quality, – legal services in real estate are provided only by professional lawyers.

4) The Law Office’s real estate lawyers develop their skills every year by taking part in specialized events accredited by the Ukrainian National Bar Association.

5) If necessary, we provide legal support of real estate transactions in English when non-residents buy real estate in Ukraine.

Therefore, our service “Real Estate Lawyer” has an advantage in the specified field on the legal services market.

In due diligence of real estate, a real estate lawyer researches the complete legal “history” of a proper building from the date of ownership arising to the present.

For example, at the land verification, we review such documents:
  • land ownership document (Extract from the State Register and/or Information Sheet from the State Register and/or State Certificate on Land Ownership);
  • extract from the State Land Cadastre;
  • document under which the present owner bought the land (civil law sale and purchase contract or barter agreement, gift agreement or others);
  • document under which the land was allocated to the primary owner (decree on allocation of land made by the local authority to determine lawfulness of privatization in accordance with the Land Code and research if the land designated purpose was changed);
  • copy of technical documents / land management project;
  • detailed plan of the territory, General Plan of community;
  • or Extract of the land location from the General Plan;
  • extract from topographic and geodesic plan on a scale of 1:2000 (if any).

Due to the stated above actions of real estate lawyers, we may determine any hidden legal defects of the property. Thus, to secure a buyer from any possible risks that the transaction will be recognized as invalid in the future.

In addition, we recommend you to involve specialists in “legal support of real estate transactions” just on the stage of selection of a proper apartment, building, premises, or land. So, it is appropriate to start such cooperation before arising legal disputes

Please call +38 067 743-27-66 to appoint legal consultation of a real estate lawyer in our office.

Cost for advice: 1 800 UAH

Length: up to 1 hour.

Consultation is only by appointment in the office of the Law Office (Kyiv city, 77 Sichovykh Striltsiv Street, office 407) or online (skype, zoom).

Legal consultation includes:

  • general legal analysis of the situation;
  • explanation of real estate law;
  • determination of general legal risks;
  • legal recommendations;
  • calculation of the cost of further legal services provided by the real estate lawyer (legal due diligence of a new building or other real estate object, preparation of necessary documents to exclude any legal risks, legal support at signing sale and purchase or tenancy of real estate / land contract, presence of the lawyer at notary office or at the developer’s office at signing documents, protection of property owner’s interests in a court or law enforcement agencies and so on).
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