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Registration of companies

Реєстрація підприємств

The Law Office of Andriy Lotysh in Kyiv provides legal services in establishment of business in Ukraine “Registration of companies”.

We enable to register companies in various legal statuses. In particular, our lawyers will assist to establish companies in the following statuses:

  • Limited liability company;
  • superadded liability company;
  • general partnerships;
  • limited partnerships;
  • joint stock companies (public joint stock companies, private joint stock companies).

Registration of companies in Kyiv in 2023

The procedure of “Registration of companies” in Kyiv city and other cities of Ukraine in 2023 consists of the following stages:

  • legal consultation in the office of the Law Office of Andriy Lotysh;
  • conclusion of agreement on legal assistance regarding registration of company;
  • receive a prepayment from a client;
  • preparation of founding documents and other necessary documents;
  • signing of founding documents and other necessary document before a notary;
  • registration of legal entity in the State Register of legal entities, individuals and public organizations;
  • passing registered documents to a client;
  • receiving of remain cost for legal services.

At starting your own business, we recommend you to pay a special attention to preparation of founding documents of a company (Articles of a legal entity). As just the Articles determine interrelations between business partners and the procedure of termination these commercial relations, exit off the company, compensation of a cost for invested contribution, structure and governing bodies, the procedure to make decisions by them, powers of director and other important issues.

How to register a company in Ukraine, services of the lawyer

In practice, we do not recommend to clients to use a general example of Articles obtained in Internet, for example. A specific of each business is individual. Relations between business partners are different in every company.

In addition, to secure legal protection of business, it’s always worth to set restrictions of powers for companies’ directors in the Articles of companies. It is necessary to define in details the process of finances management, real estate of company. In addition, we advise you to set restrictions as to receiving loans, bank credits and others by a legal entity.

In accordance with article 44 of the Law of Ukraine “On limited liability companies and superadded liability companies”, a director of a limited liability company or superadded liability company is obliged to get a written consent from the company members to make transaction if cost of property, works or services, which are the subject of agreement, is exceeded 50 per cent of cost of net assets of the company (unless otherwise provided by the Articles of company).

In accordance with article 58 of the Law of Ukraine “On joint stock companies”, rights and duties of a director of a joint stock company are determined by the Articles of the company, regulations on executive authority of the company and a proper contract.

Due to the stated above, it is recommended to set restrictions for directors of companies not only in the Articles and in proper individually designed internal regulations and labor contracts.

What do you need for registration of company?

To prepare founding documents to receive the service “Registration of companies”, you should to provide the following information:

  • name of legal entity;
  • types of activity;
  • location(address of office);
  • list of members;
  • contributions to the authorized capital (money, property, securities, intellectual property and others);
  • amount of the authorized capital;
  • shares of members in the authorized capital;
  • leadership team of company (director, management);
  • possible restrictions to actions of the company leadership;
  • status of a taxpayer.

Lawyers of the Law Office of Andriy Lotysh in Kyiv will prepare founding documents of a company taking into consideration individual specific of business and specific of relations between members, shareholders of company. In addition, there may be entered separate provisions to founding documents aimed at legal protection of company and property against unfair takeovers by other companies.

To receive the service “Registration of companies”, please call to our office and appoint consultation.

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