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Lotysh Andriy

Andriy Lotysh is the Managing partner, practicing lawyer registered in the Bar Council of Kyiv, and the active member of Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Business Safety Committee).

Specialization: corporate law, land law, real estate and construction, support of investment projects with involving foreign companies, international structuring of business, legal protection of business, jurisprudence.

Education: Law Department of Lesia Ukrainka Volyn State University (2000).

Experience is more than 20 years. He has started his legal practice since 2000, has worked in leadership positions of legal departments of known Ukrainian holding companies, as well as at the Law Company BML Consulting. He constantly holds specialized seminars for business in Kyiv city.

He was a member of experts of the International Finance Corporation Project “Research of entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine” with assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway (2004).

Knowledge of languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Public activities and additional information:

  • Involved as an expert in the development of bills on deregulation, improving the investment attractiveness of business.
  • Since 2012, he has been conducting seminars on business legal security on the online platform, Liga.
  • Since 2021, he has been holding seminars on real estate and land use on the LeadershipInLaw platform.
  • Leads professional legal blogs on Ukrainian Internet portals:,
  • Also maintains professional legal blogs on international internet portals:
  • Comments and clarifications for mass media: 1+1 (TSN), UBR, Inter, STB, First Business, KYIV LIVE.
  • Co-author of the Methodical Guide “Fighting “dirty” money laundering and corruption”, published by the Ukrainian National Union of Young Lawyers with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine (2005).

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Hryhorii Usatii

Hryhorii Usatii is a lawyer, registered with the Kyiv Region Bar Council, counselor, PhD in Law.

Specialization: criminal law, mediation, legal protection of business from hostile takeovers, White Collar Crime practice.

Education: Ukrainian Academy of Internal Affairs (1996), National Academy of the State Tax Service of Ukraine (2004).

Work experience: more than 20 years. Worked as head of the sector of security, defense, law enforcement legislation and judicial reform of the Center for normative support of the activities of the President of Ukraine (2008-2009). Deputy Head of the Anti-Corruption Department of the National Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Ukraine (2009-2010). Chief Consultant of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Legislative Support for Law Enforcement (2010-2011). Associate Professor of the Institute of Law of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (2011 to present).

He was a member of the experts of the working group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the improvement of certain provisions of the criminal law. Developer of materials on criminal law and anti-corruption legislation in the framework of the international program ICITAP of the US Department of Justice.

Scientific and expert activity:

  • Criminal law, economic-criminological and anti-corruption expertise.
  • Scientific and legal conclusions on legislative and law enforcement activities.

Public activities and additional information:

  • Expert in the working group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the improvement of certain provisions of criminal legislation (in particular, Article 368-2 of the Criminal Code “Illegal enrichment”), etc.
  • Developer of materials on criminal law and anti-corruption legislation within the framework of the international program ICITAP of the US Department of Justice.
  • Cooperation with the European Union Advisory Mission to Ukraine (in particular, within the framework of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine).
  • Author/co-author of 10 monographs (including “Corruption in Ukraine: Causes and Mechanisms of Counteraction. Green Book of State Policy”; “Counteraction to Money Laundering: Ukrainian-Russian Experience”), 3 textbooks (in particular, “Actual Problems of Preventing and Combating Corruption”), including those with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and more than 180 scientific papers on criminal law and anti-corruption topics.
  • Co-author of interagency methodological recommendations on investigation of legalization (“laundering”) of proceeds of crime and interaction of investigative and operational units.
  • Co-author of the anti-corruption block and the section “Modernization (reform) of law enforcement agencies” in the Annual Address of the President of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the White Book of State Policy.
  • Provided scientific and legal support for draft laws on the activities and reform of law enforcement agencies, combating corruption (in particular, the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”, “On Police”, “On Pre-trial Investigation”, “On Security and Detective Activities”, “On Mediation”, “On Prosecution”, etc;).
  • Involved by the Public Control Council of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine as an expert to discuss the problematic issues of criminal legal qualification of corruption crimes.
  • Delegated by international non-governmental organizations, international technical assistance projects and diplomatic missions to personnel commissions for certification of prosecutors of regional and local prosecutor’s offices.
  • Winner of the award of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the nomination “For scientific achievements”.
  • Trainer for the National Police.
  • Member of the Specialized Academic Council at the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine.
  • Member of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Association of Criminal Law”.

Media: comments and explanations on TV channels 1+1 (TSN), Inter, Ukraine-24, STB, ZIK, Channel 24, Hromadske TV, Pershyi UA, KYIV LIVE, KRTRK; national radio “Promin”.

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Volodymyr Andriichenko

Volodymyr Andriichenko is a lawyer, registered with the Kyiv Region Bar Council.

Specialization: mediation, banking, tax, labor law and court practice, legal support of company inspections by regulatory bodies, provision of legal opinions.

Education: State Tax University, specialty “Jurisprudence” (2003).

Work experience: more than 19 years. Held managerial positions in the legal divisions of Ukrainian banks with foreign capital and a financial company. He headed the primary trade union organization of the bank. Represented the interests of the parties in numerous legal disputes in courts of all instances from a wide range of tax, economic, labor, and banking legal relations.

Public activities and additional information:

  • Drafting of legislation on banking, tax, and labor legislation as part of working groups of banks and financial institutions.
  • Scientific-expert and law-making activities as part of the Scientific-Research Institute of Financial Policy.
  • Award of PJSC “VTB BANK” (2012).

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