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Legal protection of business

Юридичний захист бізнесу

When doing business, the owners of business are adjacent to not only issues of marketing, development and expansion of the company activity. They meet with such issues / tasks as “Legal protection of a company” against unfair employees and partners, contractors and state authorities and facilities.

Legal protection of companies in Kyiv city and on the whole territory of Ukraine

In practice, a legal protection of companies in Kyiv city and on the whole Ukraine is urgent for any business (pharmaceutical, agrarian, construction, and tourist, logistic and other companies).

Such service is required as not big, small legal entities and big international companies with large amount of profit. As regardless of amount of profit or profitability of the company, legal safety of business should have unexceptionable quality and security.

Legal protection of business provided by the Law Office of Andriy Lotysh is carried out with the following complex measures:

  • provision of legal consultations on protection of business;
  • detailed legal audit of the company of client (legal due diligence of all necessary documents as to financial and economic activity);
  • development of an optimal legal structure for protection of business;
  • implementation of business protection procedure;
  • settlement of relations between partners (regarding distribution of powers, procedure to alienate shares in favor of third persons, going out of business and others);
  • making necessary amendments and additions to the founding documents;
  • making amendments and additions to corporate contracts;
  • settlement of relations with employees and directors of company (determination of responsibility, protection of trade secret, restriction of activity in conclusion of certain agreements);
  • making necessary amendments to labor contracts, agreements with employees and directors of companies;
  • settlement of relations with contractors;
  • organization of monitoring over account payable;
  • making necessary amendments to contracts with contractors;
  • reorganization of business;
  • distribution of assets to affiliated company;
  • imposition of restrictions and encumbrances on company property;
  • design of safety methods to alienate assets;
  • secure a protection of intellectual property of company;
  • international structuring of business;
  • legal protection of business against illegal takeovers;
  • legal protection of companies at inspection by supervisory authorities;
  • legal protection of business against contractors and unfair partners;
  • legal defense of companies in criminal proceedings;
  • court and administrative appeal to decisions of state authorities under which there applied financial sanctions to the company.

The specialists of our Law Office in Kyiv have a big experience in legal protection of Ukrainian companies. We provide a legal defense to clients in courts (court of first instance, court of appeal, court of cessation), law enforcement authorities and state authorities and administrations.

As the result of professional and responsible work, our clients have returned lost business, real estate, money and intellectual property, and there were restored violated rights and interests of companies.

Services of lawyers: legal protection of business

We have provided a service for business “Legal protection of companies” in Kyiv city and other cities of Ukraine for many years, which allows us to understand and resolve any practical issues arising in cooperation with our clients.

In addition, we always recommend do not wait arising of legal problems, and thinking ahead. That is, to carry out ahead proper so-called preventive measures in legal protection of business.

Ideally, necessary actions in legal protection of business should be carried out on the stage of starting own business. In particular, at establishment of a company, it’s worth to build an optimal business structure using some legal entities (including registered outside of Ukraine).

For example, in this case, it is recommended to register real estate for a company which does not take part in relations with contractors. Intellectual property should also be registered to a separate company. And it is necessary to involve one more company to register labor relations.

Further, it is recommended to change the built legal structure of protection depending on arising of certain circumstances (availability or absence of inspections, court case, disputes with state authorities).

To get a consultation in “Legal protection of company”, please call to our office.

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