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Legal support subscription package

The Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners” in Kyiv City has provided for business a complex service Legal support subscription package for a long time.

We provide a legal support for business of Ukrainian companies in Kyiv city and other regions in various fields: pharmacy, construction, tourism, hotels, restaurants, logistics, real estate development and others.

What does legal support subscription package for companies include?

  • consultations in doing business on the territory of Ukraine;
  • due diligence of economic activity of companies;
  • legal support in development of an optimal business structure;
  • secure of a legal safety for the company;
  • verbal and written legal advices, conclusions as to economic activity;
  • holding of legal analysis of companies’ documents;
  • drafting of necessary agreements with contractors;
  • legal analysis of agreements;
  • making amendments and additions to concluded agreements;
  • registration of companies and its structural units (branches, offices);
  • obtaining licenses and permits;
  • establishment of companies outside of Ukraine, including in low-tax jurisdictions;
  • legal support of foundation of a representation office of foreign companies on the territory of Ukraine (without the right to do economic activity, but with the right to do business);
  • liquidation of company, bankruptcy;
  • legal advices in intellectual property issues, including in establishment and management of marks for goods and services;
  • trademarks registration;
  • preparation of agreement on transferring the marks for goods and services for using (license agreements);
  • legal support of negotiations with contractors, state authorities and bank facilities;
  • legal support during a tax audit (tax lawyer);
  • appeal of tax audit documents;
  • conduction of judicial proceedings (representing before economic courts);
  • completion of court decisions, representing before State Executive Service;
  • defense of companies in criminal proceedings;
  • representing before law enforcement agencies;
  • removal arrests off companies’ property imposed by criminal proceedings;
  • defense of the interests of company before state authorities and facilities;
  • support of investment, construction projects (real estate and construction);
  • other legal services.

We offer such legal support packages for business:

Package “Minimum”

Package “Standard”

Package “Business”

includes the lawyer’s paid hours per a month: up to 10 includes the lawyer’s paid hours per a month: up to 20 includes the lawyer’s paid hours per a month: up to 30


What does legal support subscription package for business provide in practice?

  • permanent legal support for business
  • company legal security
  • confidentiality
  • optimization of time and costs for legal issues resolving
  • improvement of efficiency of the company’s Legal Department

Why do you have to book a legal support for business in our company?

  • legal services are provided only by the competent lawyers
  • experience of our lawyers is no less than 20 years
  • successful projects in legal protection of enterprises and real estate
  • lawyers of our company hold specialized seminars, conferences in issues of legal security for enterprises
  • all information and documents given to the Law Office in cooperation are the lawyer’s secrecy, and are not subject to disclosure

Price for legal support subscription package in Kyiv

Payment for legal services is carried out every month, on a permanent basis, during the term of signed agreement on cooperation.

Costs for legal services for business are agreed at the legal consultation in office of the Law Offic:

  • based on hourly cost (under the report on provided services and number of legal work hours in an appropriate reporting month),
  • or based on fixed monthly cost.

If necessary, the actual expenses are paid apart: state duties and fees, services of notaries, translators, experts, appraisers, business trips and other necessary expenses.

To receive services “Legal support subscription package for enterprises”, please call +380 67 743-27-66 or send a request on email:


Managing Director of the Law Office,

Lotysh Andriy, Lawyer

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