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IT companies

Law office “Lotysh and Partners” in Kyiv provides professional legal services to Ukrainian IT companies.

Currently, the number of outsourcing IT enterprises in Ukraine is constantly growing. And that is why a specialized area of legal services – legal support of IT business – is increasingly clearly distinguished. Among its features are legal protection of intellectual property rights and support of contractual relations with foreign counterparties.

Specialists of our law office have the necessary knowledge and considerable experience in the practice of legal support of enterprises in the field of IT. Therefore, we are ready to provide reliable legal support for companies of this profile, from the registration of relations between owners, counterparties and employees to the resolution of issues related to the status of a resident of DIIA.CITY (Diia City).

What do we offer IT companies?

Consultations on legal registration of startups, assessment of legal risks of IT projects.
Support for state registration of IT companies, tax planning.
Structuring and support of investment agreements, protection of the interests of startup owners in terms of receiving grants or other types of financing, preparation of reports on the use of grant funds.
Due Diligence of IT business before buying or selling.
Registration of companies in DIA.CITY and support of residents of DIA.CITY: consultations on compliance with qualification and financial requirements for a resident, acquisition and confirmation of the presidency.
Preparation of gig contracts (gig contracts) between DIA.CITY resident companies and IT specialists.
Development of contracts for conducting business: for the development of software and the use of cloud technologies, projects of license agreements, service contracts, etc.
Development of a public offer, internal policies, etc. (Public Offer, Terms of Use, Privacy & Cookies Policy, Payment Policy, Return Policy).
Formalization of labor relations with IT personnel: preparation of labor contracts, as well as civil law contracts with freelancers (contractors), outstaffing and outsourcing contracts, making changes to existing contracts.
Preparation of NDA, NCA and NSA agreements.
Creating the implementation of the personal data protection policy – GDPR compliance.
Subscription legal service for IT companies.
Support of audits: tax and State Labor.
Protection of IT companies in criminal cases, during investigative measures (searches, interrogations, seizure of property) carried out by the police, prosecutor’s office, cyber police, SBU.
Representation of IT companies in courts, including international commercial arbitration.
Support of IT companies entering the international market, including registration of branches and other business entities in foreign jurisdictions.

Development of a wide range of contracts in the field of IT

Thanks to our support, you will be able to create a reliable foundation for your business activities, namely for relations with counterparties, employees and contractors. The correct development of draft contracts and risk analysis in those documents provided by the other party is the key to minimizing disputes and litigation in the future.

Among the types of contracts, the development and examination of which we deal with:

license agreements (License agreements);
software development contracts (Software Development Contracts);
agreements on the provision of IT services (MSA – Master service agreements);
Website development services agreements;
T&M (Time and Material), IT outsourcing agreements (Dedicated team agreement), Fixed Price;
service level agreements (SLA – Service-level agreement);
agreements on confidentiality (NDA – Non-disclosure agreement), on avoidance of competition (NCA – Non-compete agreement) and on non-solicitation (NSA – Non-disclosure agreement);
share purchase agreements (SPA – Share purchase agreements);
contracts for various services based on cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.).

Assistance of “Lotysh and Partners” lawyers to IT companies

We cooperate with the IT business both on the terms of permanent subscriber service and on the relevant project terms (support of the case in court, legal protection of assets, preparation of contracts with counterparties, etc.).

You can find out more about our services and the features of cooperation with us by contacting tel. +38 067 743-27-66.

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