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Specialists of the Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners” in Kyiv city provide legal support in obtaining licenses in Ukraine.

Services of the lawyer and assistance in obtaining licenses:

  • banking license;
  • financial services license;
  • TV broadcast license;
  • electric power engineering license;
  • education license;
  • license for production and sale of alcohol;
  • license for production and sale of tobacco-containing products;
  • license for cryptographic methods and technical protection of information;
  • license for building in Ukraine;
  • manufacturing drug license;
  • license for the wholesale and retail trade in medicines;
  • license for medicines import;
  • license for medical practice;
  • license for veterinary medicine;
  • license for tourism business;
  • license for mediation in employment abroad;
  • license for transportation of passengers and freight by river, sea, car, railroad or air transports;
  • license for the international transportation of passengers and freight by vehicles;
  • license for security services.

Thanks to extensive experience in “Licensing in Ukraine”, we also assist in obtaining licenses for any other kinds of activity provided by the Law of Ukraine “On licensing of business activity” No. 222-VIII dated March 02, 2015.

Legal support of license verification:

Lawyers of the Law Office provide a legal support to companies during the scheduled or extra planned monitoring by licensing authorities regarding compliance with license terms. Under results of such monitoring, we provide “Legal protection of business” and appeal in a court the following documents:

  • decision on full termination of license;
  • decision on partial termination of license;
  • decision on full cancellation of license;
  • decision on partial cancellation of license.

Preparation of license documents

Providing legal services in “Registration of companies” for business which requires the license, our lawyers prepare founding documents taking into consideration the character of licensed activity. Especially, in the charters of companies, we determine and detail kinds of business activity in accordance with License terms. In some cases, license kinds of business activity included to the Articles of legal persons should be exceptional (for example: tour operator activity).

Such provisions of founding documents of company are necessary to make positive decision on issuance of license by the licensing authority. As companies often receive refuses in issuance of license because of incorrect execution of the Articles.

We also prepare a full set of documents necessary to obtain a proper license.

Procedure to obtain license in Ukraine includes such stages:

  • legal consultation in the office of the Law Office in Kyiv;
  • conclusion of agreement on legal assistance with a client;
  • receiving of prepayment from a client and all necessary information and documents;
  • preparation of documents necessary to obtain license;
  • submission of prepared documents to the licensing authority;
  • representation of client’s interests before the licensing authority;
  • obtaining a license;
  • giving a license to a client and receiving the remainder amount for licensing services.

To get a service “Licensing”, please call to the office of the Law Office (Kyiv city) to appoint a legal consultation.

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