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Legal services for business

Legal Services for business in Kyiv city and Ukraine

Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners” in Kyiv city provides professional legal services for Ukrainian business. In addition, we provide legal support for companies with foreign investments and for the offices of foreign entities.

In the practice of “Legal Services for business”, we have a big experience of successful legal work. By virtue of this, we understand and know how to resolve efficiently the most difficult legal issues arising in businessmen.

Lawyers of our Law Office provide for business the following services:

Legal support for business:

  • legal advice to businessmen;
  • legal support for business establishment (registration of companies);
  • legal services for the current business activity of the company;
  • legal protection of business against illegal takeovers;
  • legal due diligence of companies;
  • assessment of business legal risks;
  • building of HR and information safety in the company;
  • formation of account payable control system;
  • legal protection of the intellectual property;
  • legal protection of the company’s real estate (real estate lawyer);
  • business structuring to secure legal safety;
  • organization of corporate business protection;
  • protective bankruptcy procedure of companies;
  • judicial protection of companies;
  • legal protection of companies with participation of international judicial settings;
  • legal protection in tax disputes (tax lawyer in Kyiv);
  • representation of business interests in criminal proceedings.

Legal protection for company owners and directors:

  • advice on legal protection for company owners and directors;
  • development of legal protection strategy for owners and top-management of companies;
  • legal protection for owners and directors of companies at questioning, search by law enforcement agencies or by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU);
  • presence of lawyers during the search, attachment of the company’s documents;
  • complex legal protection of companies’ owners and directors in criminal proceedings.

Representation of companies in Economic Courts:

  • disputes between companies;
  • disputes between the founders / members of companies;
  • recognition of the contracts as invalid, termination of contracts;
  • debt collection from contractors;
  • tax disputes;
  • bankruptcy;
  • disputes regarding intellectual property.

Representation of companies in general courts:

  • disputes of companies with employees of companies;
  • disputes with individual customers;
  • debt collection from individuals;
  • appeal against actions or inactivity of state or supervisory authorities;
  • car accident disputes with participation of the company’s vehicles.

When providing services, we apply an individual approach to each customer. You know any case has many legal details which are worth paying attention to business type, company structure, beneficiaries, relations between members, shareholders of a company, availability of any other judicial or criminal proceedings and so on.

Our lawyers make efforts to resolve positively all cases in which we participate as legal advisers.

To determine an optimal list of necessary legal services, we recommend you to get a legal consultation in Kyiv office of the Law Office of Andriy Lotysh. Then we conclude an agreement on legal assistance with a customer. And following, we provide legal support for business and a representation of the interests of companies before courts, state and legal enforcement authorities.

To make an appointment, please call the office of our Law Office by phone +38 067 743-27-66

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