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Legal support of investment activity

Правовое обеспечение инвестиционной деятельности

The specialists of the Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners” in Kyiv provide the following services in legal support of investment activity:

  • consultations in investment legislation of Ukraine;
  • recommendations as to a selection and realization of optimal investment schemes;
  • consultations in taxation of investments;
  • preparation of investment contracts;
  • legal due diligence of investment projects;
  • comprehensive support of investment projects with participation of resident and non-resident investors;
  • registration of company with foreign investments;
  • registration of foreign companies offices;
  • legal support of purchase of real estate by foreign companies;
  • legal support of construction projects with participation of foreign investors (sector “Real estate and construction”);
  • representation of the interests of investors before state authorities and facilities, and before local authorities;
  • judicial protection of investments;
  • legal defense of investors in criminal cases.

Legal services for investors in Ukraine

In accordance with article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On investment activity”, investments are all types of property and intellectual values invested in business activity and other types of activity which caused profit (income) and/or social and environmental effect.

So, in accordance with article 2 of this Law, an investment activity is a complex of practical actions of citizens, legal persons and state as to investment implementation.

Investment activity is carried out based on:

  • investment implemented by the citizens, non-governmental enterprises, economic associations, unions or companies, and by public and religious organizations, other legal entities incorporated under collective property;
  • state investment carried out by state authorities at expense of state budget, loan money, and by state enterprises and facilities at expense of its own and loan money;
  • local investment carried out by local authorities at expense of local budget, loan money, and by utility enterprises and facilities at expense of own and loan money;
  • state assistance for investment projects implementation;
  • foreign investments carried out by foreign states, legal entities and the citizens of foreign states;
  • joint investment carried out by legal entities and the citizens of Ukraine, legal entities and the citizens of foreign states.

The Law Office lawyers provide a professional legal support of any investment forms.

Legal services are provided to investors since development of investment project and up to its final completion. If there arisen court disputes at investment process, we secure efficient legal protection of investments (sector “Representation in economic courts”).

Provision of legal services in investment includes the following stages:

  • conclusion of legal support contract with investor;
  • review of necessary document of an investor and specific nature of his activity, to determine an optimal investment form;
  • detailed legal analysis of investment object;
  • expression of legal opinion as to investment object;
  • legal support of investment project.

To appoint a consultation in investment activity, please call to the office of the Law Office in Kyiv

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