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Legal services for individuals

The Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners” in Kyiv city provides professional legal services for individuals. Our legal support is used by the citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

The experts of our Law Office provide the following legal services in this area:

Representation of individuals in general courts:

  • disputes with banks;
  • removal arrests off immovable or movable property;
  • land issues;
  • labor disputes;
  • housing disputes;
  • tax disputes;
  • probate cases;
  • consumer rights protection;
  • appeal to decisions of state authorities and facilities.

Legal defense in criminal proceedings:

  • presence of the lawyer at the interview with law enforcement agencies;
  • presence of the lawyer during the search and documents exception;
  • representation at the interview of a witness or person suspected of a crime;
  • representation and defense of clients during investigation actions;
  • appeal against illegal actions of investigating authorities;
  • comprehensive legal defense on all stages of criminal proceeding;
  • representation of the interests of clients in criminal proceedings in courts of first instance, courts of appeal or courts of cessation.

Law Firm “Lotysh and Partners” provides legal protection of clients in criminal cases exclusively in relation to anti-corruption and economic crimes.

Legal services for individuals are different by content from services for business. As in this case, there is applied other procedural law and appropriate specialized judicial practice. Due to it, we separated the legal support to individuals in a special legal practice.

In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the lawyers are entitled to represent interests of the citizens in courts. Taking into consideration that legal services are provided only by lawyers of our Law Office, we have possibility to provide a complete set of high-quality legal services to individuals. Legal services include: legal consultations in law issues, preparation of necessary procedural documents, preparation of legal opinions, making of a request by lawyer, representation before courts, and legal defense in criminal proceedings.

When providing legal services, our lawyers attempt to:

  • discover all legal risks in the case;
  • form an optimal legal position;
  • prepare efficient strategy of legal defense;
  • find a legal solution of hopeless situations.

Representation of the interests of our clients in courts and in criminal proceedings in Kyiv city or other regions is carried out under signed agreement on legal services. To sign this agreement, you have to call to the office of the Law Office in Kyiv and to appoint a legal consultation.

Office address: str. Sichovyh Streltsiv, 77 of. 407, Kyiv.

Tel. + 38 067 743-27-66


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