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Development companies

The activity of managing investment portfolios and system management of real estate requires the highest level of competence. However, even the appropriate level of knowledge and experience does not guarantee the prevention of all risks. In view of this, development companies and investors are recommended to use professional legal support of specialists who specialize in supporting this direction of business activity.

The team of attorneys and lawyers of the Law Firm “Lotysh i Partners” is at your service. Among our advantages is considerable experience of working not only with national, but also with foreign investors, as well as practice in related areas – legal services for construction projects, corporate legal relations, tax and financial law. We are ready to support both individual development projects and complex legal support of the company’s activities.

What do we offer development companies?

Consultations on legislative regulation of investment activity in Ukraine.
Legal support for the creation (state registration) of investment and development companies, groups of companies in Ukraine, including with the participation of non-residents.
Legal support for the licensing of investment funds: mutual funds, corporate funds, venture capital funds.
Legal audit of real estate objects: title verification, object history tracking, land plot audit, permit and technical documentation verification, seller verification.
Due Diligence of investment objects: identification of hidden legal risks, independent evaluation of the object, provision of recommendations for reducing risks and adoption of certain business decisions.
Comprehensive legal support of investment agreements: provision of necessary legal advice, holding meetings/negotiations in the office regarding the agreement.
Legal support for the purchase and sale of real estate from the moment of booking or transfer of an advance to the moment of concluding the main agreement.
Drafting of investment agreements and other contracts in the field of investment, legal examination of contracts provided by counterparties, identification of hidden legal risks in contracts and other documents submitted for signature.
Legal support for the signing of contracts at a notary and financial settlements under these contracts, in particular – documentary recording of financial settlements.
Legal assistance in the re-registration of the right of ownership based on the results of the conclusion of the contract.
Subscriber service (complex support) of the activities of investment and development companies.
Representation of the client’s interests in relations with state authorities of local self-government.
Protection of the client’s interests in investment disputes, including if they are considered by a court.

Obtaining a license from the NCCPFR

Professional activity in the capital markets requires licensing. In particular, we are talking about brokerage, sub-brokerage and dealer activities, underwriting, securities management, investment consulting, etc. Licenses for conducting these lines of business are issued by the National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market – NCCPFR. If you need to obtain a license from this state regulator, the specialists of the Law Office “Latysh and Partners” are ready to provide the necessary assistance.

In order to obtain a license from the NCCPFR, the following information and documents should be submitted together with the application:

current charter;
copies of documents of participants/controllers:
for individuals, copies of passports;
for legal entities, an extract from the register;
ownership structure;
information regarding financial status:
set of reports;
audit conclusions;
data on the financial status and business reputation of the persons who are the owners;
data on managers;
confirmation of the necessary organizational structure and specialists, premises, equipment and software;
copies of internal documentation;
certificates of criminal record of participants and managers.

Development companies – legal support, price

The procedure for providing legal services to real estate management companies, as well as the cost (price) of services, are agreed upon at consultations in the office of the Law Office or online.

Taking into account many years of experience in legal practice, our team is ready to offer reliable legal support that will make your business more stable and promising.

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