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Construction companies

Business in the field of construction involves a considerable number of legal risks. In particular, in Ukrainian realities, groundless tax audits of developers, or unfounded or ordered criminal proceedings against the founders/managers of construction companies, is a common phenomenon.

How can a construction company avoid these and many other risks? First of all, you should take care of professional legal support for each construction project. It is also necessary to ensure the basis of any construction business – proper registration of the company in compliance with all norms of specialized legislation and license construction requirements.

Specialists of the Law Office “Lotysh and Partners” have been specializing in the practice of supporting construction enterprises for many years, and have managed to develop many successful cases. Clients can receive services from us in a convenient format and in the required volume, from a one-time legal consultation and solving one specific task to comprehensive support of the activities of a construction company under outsourcing conditions.

What do we offer construction companies?

Consulting on legal aspects of construction: one-time oral consultations, legal opinions (in writing), legal consulting on an ongoing basis.
Legal support of construction, in particular: allocation of land plots for construction and changes in the purpose of land use, obtaining town planning conditions and restrictions, a control card for temporary disruption of landscaping, technical conditions, permission to carry out construction work, carrying out an examination of project documentation, entering into operation, registration of ownership, etc.
Creation of construction companies, in particular: assistance in the preparation of founding documents, selection, organizational and legal form of business, KVED and taxation system, implementation of state registration.
Obtaining construction licenses for the construction of objects with the SS2/SS3 liability class (during martial law – declarations).
Obtaining permits for construction works in the city of Kyiv and throughout the territory of Ukraine, for dangerous works – a permit or a declaration of conformity of the material and technical base.
Development of the financial structure of the construction – procedures and procedures for attracting funds.
Preparation of drafts of general contracting contracts, other contracts in construction, examination of contracts provided by counterparties, drawing up acts of acceptance of works.
Preparation of contracts with investors and partners.
Commissioning of construction objects – obtaining a corresponding certificate from the State Inspection of Architecture and Urban Planning of Ukraine (DIAM).
Subscription legal service for construction companies.
Protection of construction companies in court, in particular, appeals against decisions of regulatory bodies.
Representation of the interests of developers in regulatory and law enforcement bodies, in particular – during inspections and in case of disputes, as well as in local self-government bodies.

Services to foreign investors in the field of construction

Our law office is ready to provide services not only to residents of Ukraine, but also to foreign investors in the construction industry. In particular, it is about the development of the optimal construction financing structure, support of the procedure for creating a construction company in Ukraine with foreign investments, allocation of land for development, processing of permit documents – before the commissioning and sale of the new building.

Consultations on issues of service to construction companies are provided in the office of our office (Kyiv) by appointment.

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