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Financial companies

The financial services market has been developing very rapidly in recent years. Along with traditional financial institutions, innovative FinTech companies are appearing – online banks, payment systems, non-banks, electronic money institutions (Electronic Money Institution -EMI), etc. The legal regulation of this area is also undergoing changes quite quickly – harmonization with the European and global legislative environment is taking place.

Law office “Lotysh and Partners” offers legal assistance in solving individual tasks and comprehensive business support to financial companies. The lawyers of our company have been serving national credit institutions, insurance companies, non-state pension funds, factoring and payment companies for a long time.

What do we offer to financial companies?

Consultations on starting and developing a financial business in Ukraine: choosing the type of financial institution, complying with legal requirements regarding the ownership structure, formation of statutory and equity capital (including by non-residents), compliance with license conditions.
Registration of financial companies: state registration of a legal entity, entry into the NBU register, licensing, obtaining a primary financial monitoring subject card.
Registration of electronic payment systems and online banks, issuers of electronic money.
Assistance in obtaining approval for the acquisition of significant participation, including in electronic money institutions and postal operators that are entitled to provide financial services.
Registration of a legal entity in the register of financial institutions.
Inclusion in the register of payment infrastructure (RPI).
Obtaining a license for financial services: insurance activity, lending money, factoring, currency trading, accumulative pension provision, currency operations, collection, financial leasing, providing guarantees, etc. (in the case of several services, a separate license for each type of activity).
Obtaining licenses for the transfer of funds in the national currency without opening accounts and electronic money issuers.
Assistance in obtaining a certificate of professional development by the director and chief accountant (in order to comply with qualification requirements).
Issuance of a primary financial monitoring subject card in compliance with the requirements of the legislation on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CFT).
Representation of interests at the NBU, the National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market.
Preparation of internal documents of the financial company: internal rules, regulations and instructions, template contracts with consumers and other documents for submission to the NBU.
Consultations on current requirements and the procedure for submitting reports to the NBU and other regulatory bodies.
Subscription legal service for financial companies.
Representation of interests in courts.

Registration of a financial company with the NBU

Specialists of the “Lotysh and Partners” law office collect a package of documents in accordance with the NBU list, fill in standard forms and directly support the submission of documents.

In particular, for the purpose of proper registration, the following list of documents is being prepared:

statutory documents of a legal entity;
disclosure form (schematic representation) of the ownership structure;
Financial Statements;
auditor’s conclusions (on the fact of formation of authorized capital and on confirmation of interim financial statements);
certificates on the availability of premises, compliance with the requirements of accounting legislation, software and technical support;
copies of internal rules, regulations and instructions, template contracts with consumers and other internal documents;
documents of the director and chief accountant.

Licensing of financial companies

We help financial companies in obtaining the necessary licenses (banking institutions, insurance companies, credit unions, payment institutions, currency exchange operations, electronic money institutions, etc.).

Our professional legal support is the key to success in the field of financial services.

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