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Types of Business

Law office “Lotysh and Partners” provides business legal services in the following areas:

  1. Services for construction companies:

  • consulting on legal aspects of construction
  • legal support of construction
  • creation of construction companies
  • obtaining construction licenses
  • obtaining permits for construction works
  • development of the financial structure of construction
  • preparation of general contracting contracts and other construction contracts
  • preparation of contracts with investors
  • commissioning of construction facilities
  • subscriber legal service of construction companies
  • protection of construction companies in court
  • representation of the interests of developers in law enforcement agencies
  1. Services for financial companies:

  • consultations on creating a financial business in Ukraine
  • registration of financial companies
  • registration of electronic payment systems, online banks
  • registration of electronic money institutions
  • entry into the register of financial institutions
  • obtaining a license for financial services
  • representation of interests at the NBU, the National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market
  • preparation of necessary internal documents of the financial company
  • subscriber legal service of financial companies
  • representing the interests of financial companies in courts
  1. Services for IT companies:

  • registration of IT companies
  • registration of companies in DIYA.SITI
  • preparation of gig contracts
  • preparation of contracts for software development, etc.
  • registration of labor relations with IT personnel
  • subscriber legal service of IT companies
  • support of tax audits
  • protection of IT companies in criminal cases
  • representation of IT companies in courts
  1. Services for travel agencies:

  • consulting on tourism legislation
  • registration of a tourist operators
  • registration of a travel agencies
  • obtaining a license for tour operator activity
  • development of agency contracts between a tour operator and a travel agency
  • preparation of a contract for tourist services
  • subscriber legal service of tourist operators
  • representing the interests of travel companies in court
  1. Services for hotel and restaurant complexes:

  • consultations regarding the operation of hotel and restaurant complexes
  • legal support for the creation of hotels and hotel complexes
  • legal support for the creation of restaurants, cafes, and other public catering establishments
  • execution of the necessary permit documentation
  • arrangement of documents for real estate objects where hotel and restaurant services are provided
  • preparation of documents for land plots on which hotels, restaurants, and entertainment complexes are located
  • regulation of personnel issues
  • subscriber legal service of hotel and restaurant complexes
  • representation of interests in courts
  • protection of the hotel and restaurant enterprise in criminal cases
  1. Services for investment and development companies:

  • legal audit of investment objects and real estate
  • detection of hidden legal risks
  • providing recommendations on reducing legal risks
  • legal support of investment agreements, purchase and sale of real estate
  • provision of necessary legal advice regarding the agreement
  • holding meetings / negotiations in the office regarding the agreement
  • preparation of necessary contracts
  • detection of hidden legal risks in contracts, documents submitted for signature
  • legal support for signing contracts at a notary
  • legal support during financial settlements, documentary recording of financial settlements
  • legal support for the re-registration of the right of ownership based on the results of the conclusion of the contract
  • subscriber service of investment and development companies
  1. Services for transport companies:

  • consultations on the application of transport legislation
  • creation of transport companies (car carriers)
  • obtaining a license for the transportation of passengers
  • obtaining a license for cargo transportation
  • obtaining a license for international transportation by road
  • subscriber legal service of transport companies
  • development of transportation contracts
  • representation of interests in state bodies and institutions
  • legal support of road accident cases involving transport companies
  • protection of the interests of transport companies in criminal cases
  1. Services for pharmaceutical companies:

  • consulting on pharmaceutical legislation
  • registration of pharmaceutical companies
  • creation of pharmacies, pharmacy warehouses
  • obtaining a license for the production of medicinal products
  • obtaining a license to trade medicinal products
  • subscriber legal service of pharmaceutical companies
  • preparation of contracts for the sale of medicinal products
  • representing the interests of pharmaceutical companies in court
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