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Real estate and construction


The experts of our Law Office in Kyiv provide legal services in “Real estate and construction”.

During a long time, we provide legal support to sale and purchase agreements, registration and re-registration of real estate ownership. In addition, we provide a legal support for construction projects in Kyiv city and on the whole territory of Ukraine.

Legal services in real estate area include the following:

  • legal advice in real estate area;
  • due diligence of real estate;
  • legal support of registration of real estate ownership;
  • legal support of housing real estate sale and purchase (apartments, private houses);
  • legal support of commercial real estate sale and purchase (offices, integral property complexes, shopping malls);
  • legal support of real estate lease, so-called “real estate lawyer“;
  • drafting of documents, agreements in real estate area;
  • participation of a real estate lawyer in necessary negotiations;
  • judicial protection of real estate owners.

Legal services in construction in Kyiv city and in Ukraine provide the following services:

  • advices on construction projects;
  • development of the order and procedure to raise funds during a construction;
  • development of necessary agreements with investors and partners;
  • participation in negotiations with contractors;
  • legal support of allocation of land lots for construction, so-called “lawyer in construction issues“;
  • legal support of changing land purpose;
  • legal support of drawing up permits for construction;
  • legal support of taking into operation of finished construction objects;
  • legal support of registration of construction objects ownership;
  • legal protection of the interests of developers before judicial authorities;
  • representation of the interests of developers before state authorities and facilities, law enforcement agencies.

Herewith, at provision of the service of legal due diligence of real estate, we process no only general documents verified ownership at the time of due diligence. In such case, we learn the full legal history of a proper real estate object since the primary owner registered ownership up to the acquisition of property by a current owner. Due to it, there are determined all possible legal risks.

With assistance of the lawyers of our company, we defend the interests of our clients, real estate owners in legal disputes. In addition, we provide an efficient legal defense to real estate owners before law enforcement agencies in criminal proceedings. However, in most cases, there are violated the legal rights of real estate owners because of groundless and forced criminal cases. In particular, very often in such cases there are imposed arrests, encumbrances on real estate which owners have not any legal relation to criminal case.

It is necessary to note that the experts of the Law Office have a big experience in supporting of construction projects in Kyiv city with participation of foreign investors.

We provide professional legal services to non-residents as to entering into Ukrainian construction market. In the specified projects at first, we develop an optimal legal structure of construction financing. Further, we support the procedure of establishment of necessary companies with foreign investments in Ukraine, allocation of land for construction, and issuance of permits. Following which, the developers obtain a comprehensive legal support of economic activity up to completion of construction and sale of built property.

There is involved at least one specialist of the Law Office to each project in real estate and construction, that is the lawyer with a proper work experience just in this area (so-called “real estate lawyer”, “lawyer in construction” etc.).

Based on the stated above, we provide high-quality legal services in “Real Estate and Construction”.

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