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Representation in economic courts

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Law Office of Andriy Lotysh in Kyiv city provides professional legal services “Representation before Economic Courts” for companies.

When providing a legal support to business, firstly, we take all necessary measures to regulate any dispute involving a client by pre-judicial procedure.

In particular, according to the article 20 of the Law of Ukraine “On Advocacy and the Bar” we obtain necessary documents, information and facts which may be used as evidences. In addition, we prepare the request of a lawyer, proper responses, written demands, claims, and other necessary documents. In practice, no less than fifty percent of disputes are resolved at this stage without applying to the court.

Representation in Economic Courts of Kyiv city

But if a proper dispute is not resolved by pre-judicial procedure, the lawyers of our firm immediately prepare necessary documents for filing to the court. And support the case in a court to protect and restore rights of our clients.

Service “Representation in Economic Courts” includes such legal services:

  • giving legal advices regarding conducting a case in economic court;
  • legal analysis of documents proved legal status of a client ;
  • collection of additional facts and evidences concerning a case;
  • legal support of disputes resolving between companies in economic courts;
  • legal support of corporate disputes:

a) disputes between members or shareholders of companies;

b) disputes between companies and their members or shareholders;

c) disputes between members who going out of companies and other members of companies;

d) other corporate disputes (including regarding company’s real estate);

  • disputes between companies and their directors;
  • recognition of contracts invalid, termination of contracts by courts;
  • debt collection from contractors ;
  • cases in disputes regarding securities;
  • cases in disputes regarding ownership to movable or immovable property of companies;
  • disputes of companies’ intellectual property;
  • disputes arising in relations connected with protection of economic competition, restriction of monopoly in economic activity, protection from unfair competition;
  • appeal the decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • protection of business reputation;
  • bankruptcy of legal persons or individual entrepreneurs;
  • appeal of decisions of Arbitration.

Services of the lawyer in economic courts (Kyiv)

Law Office of Andriy Lotysh in Kyiv city supports the specified disputes up to achievement of positive result in favor of a client. So, a legal support begins in the court of first instance, continues at the Court of Appeal and comes to end with representation of interests in the Supreme Court (Cassation Economic Court). As namely, the decision of the Supreme Court is final and not subject to an appeal.

At law proceedings, the lawyers of the Law Office apply procedural rights and possibilities at most as prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine to secure the efficient protection of our clients. In addition, through long successful experience in conducting cases in economic courts, we provide efficient legal support in the most difficult cases.

Our lawyers take up the court cases in this order:

  • review of case papers;
  • conclusion with a client a legal support of contract;
  • receiving of prepayment under the contract;
  • participation in the court hearings;
  • payment of remain cost for legal services after judicial decision.

To get service “Representation in economic courts”, please call to our office and appoint the first consultation.

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