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Corporate law

Corporate law

Law Firm ” LOTYSH & PARTNERS ” in Kyiv provides legal services in field “Corporate Law”.

Legal services include:

  • consultations on selection of an optimal form of business registration in Ukraine;
  • consultation on settlement of relations between founders (members) of company, and between management bodies of a company;
  • preparation of founding documents for companies;
  • registration of companies in Kyiv and other cities with participation of residents of Ukraine;
  • registration of companies with participation of foreign investors (non-residents of Ukraine);
  • registration of merging of companies (associations, corporations, consortiums, concerns and others);
  • registration of associates and holding companies;
  • legal audit (due diligence) of existing business (to detect legal risks);
  • structuring of business in Ukraine: through separate independent legal persons, subsidiaries, offices or branches;
  • international structuring of business: through non-resident companies, foreign companies offices in Ukraine;
  • restructuring and reorganization of companies ;
  • liquidation of companies;
  • legal support of sale/purchase of business;
  • representation in economic courts in corporate disputes.

Law Office lawyers have a big work experience in “Corporate Law”. Since 2004, our lawyers provide legal support for the procedure “Registration of companies in Kyiv” in various branches: pharmaceutics, construction, tourism, logistics, service sector and others.

Specialists of the Law Office supported the procedure of entering into Ukrainian market of leading foreign companies. Through international structuring of companies, they secured legal protection of business and property.

Corporate Contract – form and lawyer’s advice

Also since 2018, the Law Office has had successful legal work experience in preparing an important document called as corporate contract for founders of companies.

In accordance with article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On limited and additional liability companies” No.2275-VIII dated February 06, 2018, a corporate contract is a contract under which members of the company are obliged to exercise their rights and powers duly or to keep from exercising them, and is gratuitous and made in written.

According to the provisions of this Law, and agreements between business partners on management of company and profit distribution, the lawyers of the Law Office prepare an individual corporate contract between LLC members and other for each separate request.

In the specified document we determine in details relations between founders of a company, procedure of investments involving, going out members of a company, compensation of a cost of contributed share, distribution of company’s property, resolving of corporate disputes and other necessary issues. Due to it, our clients avoid any legal risks if there are arisen conflicts with business partners.

In addition, the Law Office lawyers are involved in thematic conferences, seminars, other education events as experts in corporate law. And give legal comments in mass media, hold specialized legal blogs, where you can download a form of corporate contract between LLC members etc.

Legal services in the practice of “Corporate Law” are provided as follows:

  • consultation in the office of the Law Office of Andriy Lotysh;
  • signing a contract on cooperation with a client;
  • receiving necessary documents and information;
  • provision of legal support in corporate law to a client: registration of companies, legal due diligence of existing business, structuring of a company, representation before economic court and others.

To book legal services, please, call to our office to make an appointment for consultation.

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