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Real estate legal disputes

The lawyers of the office provide legal support in real estate legal disputes in the courts of first instance, courts of appeal and courts of cessation. In such cases, we provide a complex legal support such as: give specialized legal consultations, prepare necessary procedural documents, take part at court hearings, defend actively the position of our clients during the court debates, and support of the court decisions implementation.

Our many years of experience and responsible attitude to each case allow us to resolve the most difficult court cases in issues of legal protection of ownership in client’s favor.

Restoration of documents for real estate in the court.

Restoration of documents for real estate in the court.

In accordance with Article 392 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, an owner of real estate may apply to the court with a petition to acknowledge his/her ownership to real estate object if he/she has lost a document verified his/her ownership.

Based on this legal provision, we help to restore lost documents for real estate objects in a court.

Acknowledgment of ownership on housing and commercial real estate.

If it’s impossible to register ownership on real estate by a common procedure (through taking buildings into operation and further registration in the State Register of proprietary rights to immovable property), we support the process of registration of ownership in the court.

The stated category of court cases includes projects in legalization of housing real estate, integral property complexes of companies and others.

Legal protection against illegal takeovers.

In these cases, petitions to a court may be filed, as a preventive manner to impose so-called “protective” restrictions or encumbrances on real estate. As well as, to build a complex effective structure of legal protection of ownership.

At the stage of active legal protection of companies and its assets against illegal takeovers, we support the following legal disputes:

  • on cancellation of illegal registration actions on real estate objects;
  • appeal of registration/cancellation of registration of ownership on real estate;
  • appeal of registration/cancellation of registration of proper restrictions and encumbrances on real estate;
  • on termination of real estate sale and purchase contracts concluded with unknown third persons (without the knowledge of accrual owner of property) and others.

Disputes in investment of a new building.

Provide a complex legal protection for investors when investing in new buildings (commercial or housing real estate). In particular, we represent the interests of investors in such disputes:

  • recovery of money (fines, penalty) from the developer’s company;
  • actions against developers on obligation to do certain actions (if construction violates building regulations);
  • termination of contracts with developers in courts;
  • invalidation of the contracts with building companies;
  • acknowledgment of ownership on real estate in new buildings.

Disputes regarding real estate.

Foresee an appeal of groundless decisions of State Tax Service authorities regarding accrual of taxes and fees to owners of property.

Other real estate litigation.

Providing a protection of interests of real estate owners in any other cases:

  • legal disputes on property division;
  • matters on protection of ownership on real estate objects;
  • legal disputes in privatization of state or municipal property;
  • legal disputes in rent of state or municipal property;
  • appeal to actions or inactivity of the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Urban Planning authorities (about issuance of permits for construction and taking buildings into operation);
  • remove an attachment of real estate (in criminal and civil proceedings);
  • other legal disputes as to real estate.

5 reasons to order services in our office:

  • legal practice experience is more than 20 years;
  • more than 95% of all cases with real estate are resolves in favor of our clients;
  • Managing Director of the Law Office, the lawyer Andriy Lotysh constantly holds seminars in real estate issues;
  • secure privacy: information provided to the lawyer is an advocate secret and not subject to disclosure ;
  • individual approach to each client or case.

Legal services provided in the following order:

  • legal advice to a client;
  • legal analysis of case and documents;
  • signing an agreement on legal assistance with a client;
  • preparation documents for filing to the court;
  • complex handling the case in any courts on the territory of Ukraine.

Real estate legal disputes in Kyiv, how to order a service?

To get legal services, please call +38 067 743-27-66 or leave a request on email:

Real Estate Lawyers give advices by appointment in the office (Kyiv city, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street, build. 77, office 407) or online.

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