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Land lawyer

Юрист по земельным вопросам

Land Law, taking into consideration branched system of regulations, is a very complicated to apply in practice. Advantage: land is one of the main riches of the state and human, so the self-defense of rights in this area causes many difficulties. How to deal with it? A sound decision is to apply to highly specialized expert (land lawyer or also called “lawyer in land issues” or just “attorney of land”).

Land Lawyer in Kyiv city: how can this specialist help?

Land Lawyer (Kyiv city and other regions of Ukraine) provides the following services:

  • information support (advices on Land Law issues, agreed with nuances of the current legislation of other branches);
  • legal due diligence of land;
  • registration of transaction (any agreement with transferring of the land into ownership);
  • land lease (for agricultural or home needs);
  • protection of rights of the landowner (including participation in court hearings);
  • establishment of the land boundaries (complete list of preparatory measures);
  • resolving of disputes with neighbors.

Experts advices: registration of transaction where the land is a main object (sale, purchase, transfer by inheritance, registration of gift or will), requires an obligatory involving of land lawyer. The specialists will carefully verify the legality of all provided documents, which prevent unpleasant situations in the future.

Land Lawyer and land disputes

Are there arisen difficulties with detection of the land boundaries? Are you tired from regular conflicts with neighbors in correct division of the territory? Is there harassment prevented to take possession of property? To resolve these and other issues connected with lands, there is necessary an assistant of the professional legal adviser.

Land Lawyer will help to take into possession of property if there is no a full set of documents, to deal with illegal actions of neighbors, to return unauthorized occupied lands.

Land Lawyer Advices

Professional advice of the land lawyer will help to a client to deal with possible legal ways to resolve disputable situations, which help to choose an optimal way. Advantage: experienced lawyer, guided by legal documents, will help to design a correct strategy of actions in a certain situation. Detailed risk calculation and possible profit allows us to avoid incorrect decisions regarding the land.

Important point: resolving of any dispute regarding the land law begins just with legal consultation. Substantial preparation to the case, including a study of legal documents and application of certain provisions, allows us to deal with complex land issues with minimal losses for a client.

Land Lawyer: contact experts

Do you need assistance of professional lawyers with excellent practical experience in resolving land law issues? Contact the office of the Law Office of Andriy Lotysh (Kyiv) is the optimal and sound decision.

The competent lawyers guarantee an individual approach to each client, which allows us to develop a correct strategy in disputes resolving. Detailed grounds of all necessary financial expenses exclude misunderstanding as to total costs of legal services. Due to organized cooperation with foreign partners, the lawyers of the Law Office provide services in Ukraine and on the territory of the European Union. The Managing Director of the Law Office, the lawyer Andriy Lotysh, constantly holds seminars in land use issues, which allows us to provide legal services in land law to companies and regular citizens as efficiently as possible.

Land Lawyer will help to resolve any issues concerning alienation, land lease and protection of ownership in a court.

If you have more questions, or you wish to get know prices and comments on the land lawyer work? Please contact our Law Office advisers to make an appointment for consultation.

What does the land lawyer consultation includes:

  • legal analysis of land issue/case;
  • explanation of the land law;
  • determination of legal weaknesses;
  • general legal recommendations;
  • if the further legal support need, a calculation of costs of services provided by our company’s lawyers/attorney.

Length of a consultation is up to 1 hour in the office at: Kyiv City, 77 Sichovykh Striltsiv Street, office 407 or online (via video conference).

To get an appointment, please call +38 067 743-27-66


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