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Registration of ownership to real estate

Оформлення права власності на нерухоме майно

Necessity to register the ownership to real estate objects is arisen by various reasons. It may be a receiving housing building or apartment as inheritance.

Obtaining the land is under the sale and purchase agreement, barter agreement or gift agreement. Obtaining of the court decision on recognition ownership. Completion of building works and taking property into operation. Or receiving a court decision on recognition of commercial real estate ownership.

Timely registration of ownership assists also to legal safety of real estate – to carry on illegal actions with correct registered property is more difficult than for example with buildings which have not any legal documents.

Our lawyers and attorneys in real estate issues in Kyiv have provided such legal services since 2021:

Registration of apartment ownership in a new building:

To carry out the stated action, there is necessary to obtain proper documents from the developer’s company. It may include investment contracts under which the building is financed. Documents on taking the building into operation, prepared Technical Passport. Apartment delivery and acceptance Act.

Legal due diligence of apartment in a new building, which is carried out on the stage of apartment purchase, assists in successful registration of ownership for purchased apartment.

Registration of ownership of housing building:

Real Estate Lawyer in Kyiv reviews not only common documents: agreement on house alienation, technical passports, document on assignment of address and so on. As well as there is analyzed other important legal documents and issues, for example: if a house is located within a community or outside. As for today, many private housing buildings in suburbs of Kyiv city are located outside of communities. Due to it, registration of ownership for such building is carried out by other procedure.

Procedure of registration of ownership of business premises:

During this procedure, the real estate lawyer of our company pays attention to all documents concerning the specified real estate object. In particular, there is studied if a proper non-residential building located on land with the desired purpose. As in practice, there are cases of construction of commercial buildings on lands intended for agriculture, for example. And it makes impossible further registration of ownership on such buildings. In addition, if there are such circumstances, there is arisen risk that a real estate purchase agreement would be recognized as invalid.

In some cases, it is also necessary to prepare documents on recognition of ownership before courts. In particular, in case of loss of supporting documents for building or if there is available documentation issued ten years ago, it is mandatory to apply to a court by real estate location.  If an owner of a building is a proper company, we represent it in Economic Court.

Registration of ownership of land:

At regulation of documents for land, firstly we analyze the primary documents. Under which the ownership of land was registered with a proper territorial community or individual / legal person.

Then, we carry out all necessary actions in registration of rights for real estate objects with strict following the current legislation of Ukraine.

Real estate lawyers and attorneys of our Law Office have a big experience in “Real Estate and construction”. We do not only prepare necessary documents but provide legal protection of proprietary rights for housing or office buildings, constructions, integrated property complexes in Kyiv city and Kyiv Region.

During providing the service “Registration of real estate ownership in Kyiv”, we cooperate with professional design organizations, private technical inventory bureau, notaries, public registrars and organizations of land exploitation. And it allows us to carry out necessary registration of ownership on real estate as soon as possible.

Procedure for services provision:

  • legal consultation of a lawyer in Kyiv;
  • review of legal documents for real estate object;
  • signing an agreement on legal assistance, receiving of prepayment;
  • representation of interests of the real estate owner before necessary state authorities and facilities;
  • legal support in registration of real estate.
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